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AVVISO 20-10-2017: le lezioni UAF A.A.2017/2018 inizieranno in data 26-10-2017  


Special Issue on Complexity (IF 3.5), a journal by Wiley and Hindawi: Analysis and Simulations of Complex Digital Ecosystems: Recent Trends and Advances – Call (PDF)

(Gen 2017) Managing Editor of the International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing.

Research topics:

  • Cloud and Grid Computing
  • Intelligent, multi-agent system for large-scale distributed systems.
  • Trust systems on large scale, federated utility computing infrastructures.
  • P2P and Complex Networks
  • Software Engineering



Best paper award IDC2015:  “A Distributed Reputation-based Framework to Support Communication Resources Sharing” by Antonello Comi, Lidia Fotia, Fabrizio Messina, G.Pappalardo, Domenico Rosaci, and Giuseppe M. L. Sarné.


  • Track Co-Chairs of EIDWT-2017 International Conference: track on  “Network Protocols, modelling, optimization and Performance Evaluation”.
  • CDCGM track of WETICE conference – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (co-chair)
  • ICLS Workshop of the CISIS Conference – 2015 (PC co-chair)
  • 3PGCIC International Conference – 2015 (Program co-chair)
  • EASSS2016 -European Agent Systems Summer School 2016  (Local Organising Commitee)
  • 3PGCIC 2017, Track co-chair for “Data Storage in Distributed Computation and Cloud Systems”.

Program Committee:

Editorial activities